Using QR Codes in Marketing

Using QR Codes in Marketing

QR code (quick response code) is a matrix two-dimensional barcode in which certain information like a website, links, text, images, payment details, or something else is encrypted. It was invented by the Japanese automotive company Denso Wave to mark components in order to speed up the logistics processes of its own production, and then introduced to the general public in 1994. The inspiration for the creation of the QR code was the Go game, which the Japanese engineer Masahiro Hara, its developer, played during his lunch break. The main advantage of a QR code is its easy recognition by scanning equipment, including a mobile phone camera. QR codes are most common in Japan, where they have been widely used for a long time. But they never became very popular all over the world before the Covid-19 pandemic, despite their simplicity, low cost of creation, the ability to save customers time and a number of other advantages. With the start of mass vaccination against COVID-19, almost all countries of the world began issuing vaccination documents – digital or paper certificates, on which QR codes were placed.

Marketing With QR Codes

At this time, “offline-to-online” marketing (O2O), which uses digital and traditional customer acquisition channels and integrates them to stimulate purchases in e-commerce and physical stores, has received increasing use. QR codes have come to the forefront of O2O marketing as they make it easy to bridge the gap between offline and online channels.

What is QR code marketing?

Attracting mobile users is a priority for marketers, and QR codes make this possible. Let’s take a look at some noteworthy QR code marketing ideas.

QR code marketing
  1. To direct users to a website or landing page (the most common use of QR codes). By scanning the QR code, you can get to the registration page or any landing page of the site. This greatly simplifies the process of client access to the site and navigation in general.
  2. To create digital business cards.
    It’s much easier to scan a QR code to get the contact details. Such digital business cards will be especially useful in the B2B.
  3. To send messages.
    The user receives a message from the company after scanning the QR code.
    This function can be used in SMS marketing for user support, sales, product updates on demand.
  4. To grow your email list.
    Users can scan the QR code to go to the subscription page. This is used in email marketing to grow the subscriber base and then track performance metrics.
  5. To increase the number of mobile app downloads.
    Mobile apps are one of the most effective channels for reaching and engaging mobile audiences today. Scanning the QR code directs users to the app’s download page. With QR codes, marketers can promote mobile apps on traditional advertising channels such as billboards, newspapers, and magazines to get more downloads. In addition, the apps themselves sometimes use of QR codes to encourage interaction within their community.
  6. To be placed on the package
    When customers scan a QR code attached to a product’s packaging, they can access training videos, usage tips, customer reviews, or even a virtual tour of the product.
  7. To provide discounts and launch promotions.
    Scanning the code can take customers to a special page where they can access a coupon code, learn more about a promotion, or enter a contest.
  8. To promote events.
    The main goal of event marketing is to increase the number of registered users, and event QR codes make this task easier.
  9. For feedback and surveys.
    By posting QR codes on feedback forms, companies direct customers to online surveys where they can provide valuable feedback.
  10. To increase number of social media followers
    You can create QR codes that directly link to your company’s social media profiles. This can help increase the company’s social media presence.
  11. To redirect users to the map where the company’s office is marked.
  12. To provide useful information to educate your audience.
    If a provider of goods or services creates valuable content such as blog posts, articles, or videos, QR codes can be used to share it.

Using these QR code marketing strategies, you can both save time and funds for the company, and attract a significant number of customers.  QR codes are becoming more and more popular among people all over the world. Practice of using them greatly expanded. QR codes can be placed everywhere – in any printed media, on flyers, billboards, signs, clothes, shopping bags. And it is incredibly valuable that they can significantly save the resources of our planet. The success of QR codes in your marketing strategy depends on how valuable, simple and attractive this experience will be for your customers. Always make sure that landing pages or content related to QR codes are mobile-friendly and up-to-date. Also track and analyze the use of QR codes to understand their effectiveness and make improvements as needed.

Use QR codes in your marketing campaigns

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