Marketing with QR Codes

Marketing with QR Codes

QR codes are becoming an essential tool for bridging the digital and physical worlds in the modern era of technology. Their employment during the COVID-19 pandemic has caused their popularity to soar in recent years, and many businesses are now including this tool in their marketing campaigns. Quick response codes are two-dimensional bar codes that can be scanned with a smartphone, directing users to specific content or action. They store various types of information, such as text, URLs, or other data.The use of QR codes in marketing is increasing for several reasons:- Convenience;- Versatility;- Cost-effectiveness;- Possibility of contactless interaction;- Their ability to facilitate the mobile commerce integration;- Capability for tracked analytics. Quick response code marketing is a great method for innovative customer acquisition.

QR Code Marketing Ideas

Here are some creative examples of QR code marketing ideas:

  1. Place them on product packaging that leads to interactive content.
  2. Insert a QR code into your business card that directs users to your portfolio, website, etc.
  3. Create QRs for exclusive, urgent promotions and discounts.
  4. Place them on physical or digital ads that link directly to your social media profiles.
  5. Use them in educational materials.
  6. Integrate augmented reality into your QR codes to offer interactive coupons.
  7. Tell your brand’s story through a series of QR codes strategically placed in different locations.

Different businesses (such as retail trade, food and drink businesses, the automotive industry, healthcare, travel and hospitality, entertainment, real estate, and education) are using QR codes for their marketing purposes. The global QR code label market has reached about US$ 3 billion so far.

Examples of Successful Use of QR Codes in Digital Companies

Here are examples of successful use of QR codes in digital marketing by famous companies:1. Snapchat has integrated QR codes to allow users to easily add friends on the platform.Marketing with QR Codes: Snapchat2. Amazon uses them in its Amazon Go stores.

Marketing with QR Codes: Amazon

3. Nike often utilizes QRs in its campaigns to provide users with exclusive content.

Marketing with QR Codes: Nike

4. Starbucks uses them in its mobile app to facilitate mobile payments and loyalty programs.

Marketing with QR Codes: Starbucks

5. McDonald’s has implemented them in a variety of ways, such as on packaging and promotional materials.

Marketing with QR Codes: McDonald's

6. Google Pay includes QR codes for peer-to-peer payments.

Marketing with QR Codes: Google Pay

7. Sephora utilizes quick response codes on in-store product displays to provide shoppers with additional information, tutorials, and reviews.

Marketing with QR Codes: Sephora

QR codes play an important role in modern advertising campaigns, offering an all-purpose and interactive way to engage the target audience. Here are some examples of effective use of QR code advertising:1. Tesco has created a virtual grocery store in subway stations in South Korea. Passengers can scan QR codes on product displays to add items to their online baskets.

Marketing with QR Codes: Tesco

2. Heineken has launched a campaign using quick response codes on its beer bottles, encouraging consumers to scan the code for a chance to win prizes.

Marketing with QR Codes: Heineken

3. Amazon introduced SmileCodes, a type of QR code associated with its app. Users can scan SmileCodes to access discounts, promotions, and product information directly within the Amazon app.

Marketing with QR Codes: Amazon again

4. IKEA used integrated codes in its catalog to provide additional information about products, including videos and design ideas.

Marketing with QR Codes: IKEA

5. Ford used QR codes in its materials to allow customers quick access to an online vehicle configurator.

Marketing with QR Codes: Ford

These examples demonstrate the versatility of advertising with QR codes across a variety of industries and marketing purposes. Implementing QR codes can be a powerful component of your marketing strategy to attract customers. But don’t forget to test them before deploying to ensure they work smoothly and provide a positive user experience. Also, stay on top of industry trends and get creative in finding new ways to incorporate QR codes into your marketing strategy. Would you like to get expert help? Reach out to Klik Digital: we offer various types of marketing services, including brand design services as well asmarketing services for nonprofits. Contact us and let’s implement innovative technologies together.

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