TikTok, the platform that brought to life a new generation of digital stars, has undoubtedly captivated the world with its viral videos and creative content. However, for many creators, turning their TikTok passion into a profitable career can be a challenging endeavor.

While being attracted by the idea of becoming a famous TikToker, many wonder how much do you actually get paid off by TikTok once you hit a certain number of views, and consequently, how much does a TikToker make?

In this article we will shed light on TikTok pay scale to provide you with insights into calculating TikTok creator salary. Let’s go.


How Much Does TikTok Pay Creators?

In contrast to platforms like YouTube, which has a well-established ad revenue-sharing program for eligible creators with longer videos, TikTok has only recently begun experimenting with sharing ad revenue with some influencers. For instance, TikTok offers various built-in monetization tools, such as virtual “gifts” from viewers and the Creator Fund, which rewards users with at least 10,000 followers and 100,000 views in a 30-day period for their videos.

However, the specific amount TikTok pays its creators remains undisclosed and can vary from person to person. As for now, TikTok creators participating in the Creator Fund have reported earnings ranging from 2 to 4 cents per thousand views. To put this in perspective, a video with 500,000 views would generate approximately $20 in revenue only, which may not seem substantial pay for reaching such a significant number of TikTok views.

So, how much money do you get paid from TikTok as a creator, and can one make a living out of this? To tell the truth, most TikTok stars rely heavily on sponsored posts, product placements, and collaboration with brands rather than getting paid by TikTok.

Luckily, businesses that aim to reach out to younger audiences are willing to pay for product integrations within TikTok creators’ videos. This practice, known as “integration,” typically starts when a user has around 10,000 followers. The more followers a user gains, the higher is the payment from brands.

The question many aspiring TikTok creators have is whether they can turn TikTok into a full-time career and do you get paid enough from TikTok to make living? The answer depends on several factors, including dedication, consistency in video production, and the ability to garner a substantial following and views. While it’s possible to make TikTok a full-time job, relying solely on the Creator Fund income may not be sustainable. The true pathway to substantial earnings on TikTok lies in brand collaborations, sponsored content, and product integrations, all of which require a substantial and engaged following.

Additionally, TikTok has introduced other monetization tools for creators. The company shares ad revenue through the TikTok Pulse contextual advertising program, and brands can now purchase ads alongside the top 4% of content in various categories. This revenue is split 50/50 with the creator with at least 100,000 followers.

Furthermore, in 2023, TikTok launched two other fund-based programs to incentivize specific types of content creation. The Creativity Program rewards creators posting videos longer than one minute and is available to users with at least 10,000 followers who have achieved 100,000 video views in the past 30 days. TikTok’s Effect Creator Rewards program offers augmented-reality creators a base pay of $700 and up to $14,000 for effects featured in at least 500,000 videos. This fund is currently accessible to users aged 18 and above in select countries.

TikTok offer

TikTok offers a variety of monetization options, but for creators to succeed there, they must be consistent, interesting, generate new ideas, and actively collaborate with businesses. Calculating how much money one can get per like on TikTok is a losing tactic. To maximize earnings on TikTok, creators must diversify their revenue streams and build a dedicated and interactive fan base.

TikTok provides marketers with a fantastic opportunity to connect with younger audiences, and if you are targeting Gen Z, consider collaboration with TikTok creators.

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