Which social media Apps were popular in 2022

Which social media Apps were popular in 2022

When looking back at 2022, social media rose in popularity as a viable tool in the digital marketing sphere. It is no wonder! Of the global population, a substantial number of people accessing the internet are using social media for many types of engagement. It only makes sense to tap into these platforms when marketing your goods and services, not to mention the information-sharing arena as well. The ranking of these social media platforms varies depending on the many lists out in the cyber universe. However, the forerunners remain common.

Here is a rundown of some of the best platforms and what made them useful for digital marketing in 2022.


Users: 2.93 billion monthly active users (Source: Datareportal.com)

Key Features: Facebook is hands down a marketing favorite. Estimated to reach about 36.7% of the adult population, it has the highest percentage of reach of all the platforms. Its main audience is adults aged 25-34, with the 65 and older set gaining momentum in attention and engagement with the Facebook platform.

Although posts and feed threads are a staple of the platform, photos and ads are growing in interaction, with the average user clicking approximately 12 ads per month. (Source: WordStream.com.) Worldwide, 91% of marketers utilize this platform, shooting it to the first place spot. (Source: Statista)

Best For: Local marketing and relationship building, particularly in the fields of beauty and fitness, education, employment and job training, healthcare, hospitality, and finance. Although its organic reach is considerably lower than many others with 2.2%, don’t be fooled. By using content to spark discussions, direct messaging followers, and posting relevant content for those engaging with your feed, your followers will see and engage with your brand.

Budget Considerations:

Facebook ads are a reasonable option. With a Pay Per Click (PPC) cost of $0.49 and a click-through rate (CTR) of 3.06% (Source: WordStream.com, the potential return on investment (ROI) is solid.


Users: 1.440 billion monthly active users (Source: earthweb.com)

Key Features: Coming in a close second in terms of active users is Instagram. With an audience of adults aged 18-34, Instagram has a higher rate of organic reach, with 9.4%, outpacing other platforms by at least 4%. (Source: Wordstream.com) As a visual social media platform, photo and video content dominate. As use grew, the interaction palette expanded beyond just video and photos. It now includes short videos called Reels and Stories, where posters can use visual content with interactive features to engage a wider range of followers. In addition to a high organic reach, Instagram also touts a high rate of organic engagement, 10 times that of Facebook, and 54X that of Pinterest, and 84X that of Twitter. (Source: Wordstream.com)

Wordstream.com also reports that 36% of users follow brands on Instagram, as compared to 19% on Facebook. Additionally, because shoppable ads are a feature of Instagram, it is considered the “most influential” social media platform for shoppers. Worldwide, 78% of marketers utilize this platform, putting it in second place for this use. (Source: Statista)

Best For: Instagram is a top contender for eCommerce, organic engagement, creating a brand following, and connecting with Influencers. Its appeal crosses all business types and sizes.

Budget Considerations: Ad costs can be high with a PPC cost of 1.09, yet a CTR of only 0.68%. (Source: WordStream.com) Because Instagram is popular with influencers, marketers are spending the bulk of their advertising budgets on influencers, which is more than any other network.


Users: 2 billion monthly active users (Source: You Tube)

Key Features: YouTube, whose parent company just happens to be Google, is a wildly popular video platform generally intended for long-run videos. Although there are some that don’t recognize it as a social media platform, 55% of marketers worldwide use YouTube. (Source: Statista)

Users are wide-ranging, from age 16 to 64 on average. About 80% of men and women access the YouTube platform. (Source: Pew Research) Like Facebook, YouTube is also seeing an increase in older users. It is no wonder that its popularity has such a broad base. Video content is one of the fastest-growing sources of information, and many go to this platform for product reviews and comparisons along with basic research of products. As a source of informational content, 55% of marketers are capitalizing on YouTube audiences. (Source: Social Media Examiner)

One feature that sets it apart, is that YouTube has its own form of SEO, or search engine optimization. This allows video content to be more searchable and easier for your customers and targeted audiences to find. As the short-form video craze has grown rapidly in popularity in 2022, YouTube has also tapped this market as well, creating YouTube Shorts.

Best For: Because it caters to long-form video content, educational content it is quite handy for B2B and B2C advertising. The ability to tailor video content in your library and share it is great for brand building and awareness.

Budget Considerations: A good starting estimate for daily advertising campaign costs is about $10 per day, or $120 a year, making it a reasonable investment for your business. Depending on your audience, needs, and goals, this can be even higher. However, there are ways to share your content for free as well.


Users: 1 billion monthly active users (Source: Statista)

Key Features: TikTok is a social media platform that centers around short-form videos. Meant primarily for entertainment, videos with creativity and humor as well as raw emotions seem to appeal to the users on the platform. All videos have a chance to go viral on this platform, based on a unique discovery algorithm. With many easy-to-create formats, these short videos are highly recognizable and easy to replicate. Features such as captions, audio backdrops, and stickers add to their engaging nature. Due to their popularity, the format has been the inspiration for Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and Facebook Reels.

The predominant audience is users from age 10-29, with 60% of users being female. It is easy to navigate with a search feature that is used by the younger audience.

In the world of marketing, you can put your brand on blast. All you need is a bit of creativity, the right content to fit into one of the many templates, and the desire to inform as well as entertain your target audience.

Influencer markets didn’t even blink at TikTok last year, but it is now the second most popular platform in this market. Now 9% of marketers are using TikTok and 11% use the platform to follow brands. (Source: WordStream.com)

Best For: TikTok is great for building your brand awareness, influencer marketing, organic content, and hashtag promotion. Industries that can capitalize on this platform best include entertainment, interior design, sports/fitness, DIY and home renovation, beauty and skincare, fashion, and recipes/cooking

Budget Considerations: The cost per click for an average TikTok ad is $1, which is in the higher cost range. Influencer costs can range from $5-$2000. While it is growing in the marketing sphere, it is not as high ranking as many of the other platforms.


Users: 830 million monthly active users (Source: LinkedIn)

Key Features: The users on LinkedIn tend to be in the 46-55 age group, consisting of mostly business professionals. Like other social media sites, the content is long-form and varies but tends to speak to core values. Professional networking is also a focus on this platform.

According to Sprout Social, of the 830 million monthly active users, about 70% live outside of the US. This contributes to its high ranking for international networking. LinkedIn has a huge presence in the B2B market, including internationally. According to LinkedIn’s Tactical Plan from 2019, 80% of B2B leads originate from LinkedIn.

Best For: B2B, LinkedIn boasts a 5.3% rate of organic engagement making it prime for B2B leads, especially in the international business field. Industries most suited to the use of LinkedIn include informational technology, healthcare, construction, retail/eCommerce, education management, finance/accounting, higher education, and automotive. It is also great for showcasing products and services while building brand recognition.

Budget Considerations: LinkedIn offers a marketing campaign cap, which prevents you from overspending your budget. Flexible pricing and daily budgets also help you manage the cost of advertising on LinkedIn. This is quite helpful for businesses with limited funds and resources for bigger marketing needs.

New On Scene

As the short video craze rises to the watchlist for marketers, some other new social media platforms have surfaced this year that bear watching on the marketing horizon.


With 140 million monthly users, this live streaming platform allows creators to interact with their audiences in real-time. Although the platform has been used predominantly for gaming, the application to businesses and marketing is solid and provides some great opportunities for brand building, advertising, and generating engagement.

Live Chat-Focused platforms:

Programs like ClubHouse, Discord, Twitter Spaces, and Spotify GreenRoom/Live have risen to higher visibility beyond their gaming abilities. These audio chats are a great way to foster brand awareness and build your brand’s recognition through relevant content-based chats, interviews with influencers, and showcasing your products and services. The possibilities are endless!

Email Platforms:

MailChimp and Substack are two such email platforms that are gaining some traction in the marketplace. Substack is a newsletter platform that leverages the power of the creator for direct connection to its audience. It also taps the power of the influencer marketing drive, popular in today’s marketing backdrop. MailChimp has been around for years but has started to be more recognized for the potential it holds for subscriber-based email campaigns with automated mailing capabilities.


This new platform is crowd-sourced, and as such doesn’t promote advertising. However, it is quite a creative approach to social networking, allowing you to choose different “nodes” and “instances” that fit your needs and goals, as well as protocols that allow you to feel free to express your ideas and content within a network or group of networks, each with its own rules, policies, and procedures.


As the advertising agency has been taking hits about all the photo filtering and photoshopping, as well as the move to show your “real” self, a new platform is on the scene. It is called BeReal and it encourages users to post unfiltered photos of themselves at least once during a day, with a notification prompting them to do so. Because the notifications come at random times there is an element of surprise, generating excitement to show off your “real” self! This concept has some potential to help businesses create branding that is authentic and reaches their target market in a “real” way!! Stay tuned!

We anticipate that more social media marketing “gems” will show up in the coming year, and some of our favorites will evolve and develop new ways to be used in the digital marketing arena.

What apps pique your marketing interest? Which ones do you see as frontrunners in building your brand and engaging your customers? Share your experiences in the comments! And reach out to Klik Digital for support with your marketing needs!

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