LinkedIn is much more than a network that connects professionals around the world. Over time, the platform has developed a strong potential for marketing your company, generating leads, driving website traffic, increasing brand awareness, and much more. How can LinkedIn become one of your marketing tools?

The second method is to use LinkedIn Ads, a platform like Facebook Ads, allowing you to choose a target audience and deliver specific content to that audience. The LinkedIn Campaign Manager is used to create LinkedIn Ads.

Setting up a LinkedIn Business Page

Setting up a LinkedIn Business Page is the first step in promoting your company on LinkedIn. To do so, go to LinkedIn Marketing Solutions and select “Create Your Page.”

To start, you must provide some basic information about your company, such as its size, primary domain, industry, and so on. Once the key information has been entered, your page is ready to go!

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Posting on Your LinkedIn Company Page

Once you have created your page, you can start posting your content.  As a free service, you can test different formats, such as blogs, photos, images, videos, and whitepapers, to see which one is most effective for your target audience. Knowing what your customers care about is a great starting point. Try to answer their most frequently asked questions and address their pain points in the content you post.

Additionally, you can commemorate events, share company news, and connect with partners. This page will be another brank of our brand and marketing approach.


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Increasing the Visibility of Your LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn Ads – The Sargent

LinkedIn Ads are an excellent way to reach out to a specific audience with content that is relevant to their actions, interests, and behaviors. LinkedIn Ads, like other ad platforms, allows marketers to create multiple campaigns through LinkedIn Campaign Manager to reach professionals wherever they are, thus increasing your company’s visibility in the marketplace.

Serving Ads on LinkedIn

Before you get started, you may be wondering how much LinkedIn ads cost. LinkedIn ads are more expensive per click on average than other social media channels. However, the most significant advantage of using LinkedIn ads is its precise targeting capabilities. Marketers can target their LinkedIn ads to specific industries, companies, job titles, member skills, demographics, and a variety of other characteristics.  This targeting specificity makes it well worth the added expense.

Before you launch your first campaign, consider your budget, target audience, and campaign objectives. LinkedIn allows you to specify the goals of your ads, and then optimizes your campaign to help you achieve those goals. The most effective campaigns are those in which the budget, audience, messaging, and creativity are all in sync.

It might sound challenging, but the effort will be worthwhile! LinkedIn is a great tool for increasing your business visibility, reaching out to the professional community, and establishing your expert reputation. If you work in the B2B sector, LinkedIn is an absolute must!

Klik Digital can help you establish your presence on LinkedIn. With our expert marketing team and services, we can assist you in maximizing your company’s presence on LinkedIn and become your trustworthy ally in all digital marketing aspects. Are you ready to start? Contact us to schedule a consultation!

Table of content
1. Setting up a LinkedIn Business Page
2. Posting on Your LinkedIn Company Page
3. Increasing the Visibility of Your LinkedIn Company Page
4. Serving Ads on LinkedIn

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