The tremendous growth of digital marketing has given rise to a plethora of new jobs. One of these is the content strategist profession.
This is a professional who plans and creates content for an organization in order to market it.

Content strategist
Content strategist may be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Assess market data to identify trends;
  • Making plans for the development and release of content;
  • Creating and editing of it;
  • Developing a holistic branding plan;
  • Defining the goals and objectives of the content;
  • Content marketing through social media;
  • Using SEO to plan effective information materials.

How to become a content strategist?

What skills do you need for this?

Since this is a strategic role, you will need quite a few of them.

Here is a list of key content strategist skills that are important for this profession:

  1. Content creation.
    A good specialist should have a strong understanding of it, including writing, editing, and multimedia production.
  2. Audience research.
    Understanding your target audience is critical. Content strategists must have the skills to conduct audience research to create materials that resonate with intended viewers or readers.
  3. Distribution and promotion of content.
    Content strategists must know how to deliver content through various channels.
  4. Content governance.
    Developing and implementing content governance guidelines and best practices is critical to maintaining the consistency and quality of all content.
  5. Knowledge in the field of SEO.
    These specialists must understand the principles of SEO to ensure that content ranks well in search engines.
  6. Project management.
    Strong project management skills are essential to keep everything organized and on track.
  7. Content management systems (CMS).
    Knowledge of CMS such as WordPress, Drupal, and others will be useful. It helps you manage and publish infrmation effectively.
  8. User experience (UX).
    Knowing UX principles can help ensure your content is easy to navigate and engaging.
  9. Branding and design.
    This professional develops a holistic branding and content plan to create the materials that best represent the company.
  10. Analytics skills.
    It is important to be able to analyze data and use tools like Google Analytics to track content performance. This helps you make data-driven decisions and optimize your strategy over time.
  11. Data interpretation.
    Understanding how to interpret data and insights from various analytical tools can help refine strategies.
  12. Interpersonal communication.
    Content strategists must work effectively with cross-functional teams, so strong team collaboration and interpersonal skills are essential.
  13. Adaptability.
    These professionals must stay abreast of industry trends and be prepared to adapt to new technologies and changes in content consumption habits.
  14. Content budgeting.
    Managing budgets for content creation, promotion and distribution is often part of this role.
  15. Understanding of legal and ethical considerations.
    Knowing of copyright, privacy, and other legal and ethical issues is important to avoid potential problems.
  16. Cultural awareness.
    In a globalized world, awareness of cultural sensitivity and differences is important to create materials that resonate with diverse audiences.

How to become a content strategist?

Also, the profession of a content strategist requires certain personal qualities, such as:

  1. Communication skills.
    Content strategists must be able to communicate effectively, both written and verbal.
  2. Stress resistance.
    These specialists work in multitasking and crunch mode. And it’s important to maintain good spirits and the determination to see things through to the end.
  3. The ability to persuade.
    The ability to convince, make people believe, and wait for results is a vital quality for this profession.
  4. Leadership abilities.
    These professionals often lead teams of other specialists, so the ability to provide guidance and direction is essential.
  5. Organization and punctuality.
    The ability to meet deadlines and maintain high-quality work is an indispensable condition for the implementation of any strategy.
  6. Critical thinking.
    For a leader, critical thinking is an important skill.
  7. Strategic thinking.
    Content strategists must have a clear understanding of the bigger picture. They need to align content with business goals and objectives.
  8. Creativity and originality.
    Creativity is crucial for coming up with fresh and engaging content ideas that capture the audience’s attention. To become a good creative content strategist, you need to know a lot and, at the same time, constantly learn, since the world of digital marketing is very dynamic.

Currently, this profession is still being formed. However, the role of a brand content strategist for a business increases every year.

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