We have all seen the quizzes on our social media platforms.  Although you may not want to admit it, you have likely completed one of those quizzes.  They can be a powerful way to get your brand, products, or services in front of people.  Outgrow.com found that 81% of marketers with quiz content are more likely to get the attention of viewers and followers than they do with static posts.  In addition, according to BuzzSumo, the average online quiz gets shared around 2000 times!  So, you can’t ignore the potential they have for your marketing efforts.  However, if they lack purpose, they can be off-putting to a potential customer.

So how do you get the most out of your quiz promotion in the world of social media when there are so many of them out there?

Use the right platform for your needs.

Facebook is prime for quizzes, so tap into this platform as a front-runner for success.  Carefully crafted use of Facebook ads and groups can enhance your quiz’s promotion.   Instagram is great for brand building but may not be your best platform for the use of marketing quiz content, especially when direct links are forbidden.  Twitter is good for showing quizzes but the rate of click-through isn’t always there.  To help, use hashtags strategically to promote your quiz and be sure it gets seen.  Another effective way to get your quiz noticed is to tweet it directly to an influencer in your industry.  Forums associated with your industry are also a great place to promote and share your quizzes and other content.  Pinterest is also a rising star in this arena, as every pin of your content remains and is exposed to all who see it.

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Plan your quiz with purpose and focus!

There are several approaches you can take with your quiz, but you must start with your vision.  Consider these questions before you create your quiz to help you keep a laser focus on your vision:

What is your goal? Determine what you want to accomplish with the quiz campaign.  Are you seeking to increase traffic, generate leads, or increase your followers?  Knowing your goal will put you in a good starting place.

What is the content of the quiz? It needs to be relevant to the type of business you are marketing.  If your potential customers can’t make the connection between your business and the content of the quiz, you might be missing the mark!

Who is your target audience?  Not only should the quiz be relevant to your company, but it should also matter to the person you want to bring on board as a customer.

What is your purpose?  You can educate customers on key concepts, check their proficiency with some type of relevant content, provide them with matches to products of interest, and create personality profiles tied to your business.  One of the biggest performers in the quiz world is a quiz that taps into the personality or characteristics of the person taking the quiz.  Capitalizing on a quiz that can connect personality traits to your customer avatar is a bonus!

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Keep it simple and clear!

Once you have decided on those key questions and have a vision for your quiz, you are ready to create your quiz.  Introduce the quiz in a way that creates transparency and creates interest for your potential customer. Create questions and formats that are engaging and make the quiz taker want to keep going.  Potential customers will be turned off if it comes across as a “hard sell”, so craft your questions with care.

Attend to the visual appeal as well, to keep it from becoming either overwhelming or dull.  Use graphics, photos, and/or illustrations, but with purpose.  Too much of a good thing will lose its appeal and you won’t get their click-through to the end of the quiz.  Studies have shown that quiz length matters, so keep it fairly brief with no more than 20 questions to keep them clicking!

Results matter!

As you craft your quiz, keep in mind how the results will look. What will they get when they finish–a score or grade, a description of their characteristics, a visual?  Make the results page appealing, both in visuals and content, so they want to continue, getting additional information and taking further action!

Engage with a call to action.

Calls to action will give them a way to continue interacting, even when they have finished the quiz.  Some common ones are “like”, “Share”, and “Comment”.  These are some of the most common ways to keep them engaged.  Additionally, you can Include how their results compare to other quiz takers, another fun and compelling way to keep them clicking.  You can also give them a button to subscribe to your newsletters, get on their email list, follow your other social media accounts,

Think about having them input their email so you can send their results.  This is one way to move them into the sales funnel.  However, recognize that might push some to bail early, so have a “skip” option available.   Your email followers can be key, so use this to your advantage through an evergreen drip campaign or an email blast.

Have fun!

You want your potential customers to have fun engaging with your quiz while still maintaining a solid professional purpose, audience, and outcome in mind.  If “fun” is part of your brand identity, that makes it even more important, but be careful to avoid shifting your content in a way that makes it too silly or lacking purpose, as that will make it less valuable in accomplishing your goals!

Quizzes are a great tool especially when well-planned and carefully crafted.

They can increase engagement, generate traffic, capture leads, and boost awareness of your brand.  There are many apps and programs you can use to help you get started, like typeform, fyrebox and brandquiz, or you can generate one on your own. Use your data analytics to see how your quizzes are performing and adjust as needed to get you the results you want!

Table of content
1. Use the right platform for your needs. 
2. Plan your quiz with purpose and focus!
3. Keep it simple and clear!
4. Results matter!
5. Engage with a call to action.
6. Have fun!

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