In response to TikTok’s explosive popularity, Instagram launched a new feature in 2020. Instagram Reels, or short-form sharable videos, quickly gained popularity due to their fun format and the ability to add hashtags, music, and filters.  You can also tag friends.  These 15-second videos, unlike Instagram stories, do not disappear after 24 hours. Reels are ideal for increasing engagement and attracting new fans.

Although the content for Reels is unlimited, let’s look at seven creative content ideas!


Short videos of showing how to do something are popular.  Make-up or DIY gifts, hairstyle tutorials, or Excel tips are ideal for inspiring your followers to do the same. You can add unlimited creativity and personal touches to your Reels tutorial.  This could involve visual effects or energetic music in the background to increase engagement.

2.Social media challenges

A content creator can generate interesting and fun content by participating in various challenges that are trending on social media and can result in a lot of engagement. These challenges include dancing, singing with your friends, cooking and so on. Recently, “hand gesture challenges” and “guess the gibberish” challenges were the most popular, and many people created IG Reels based on these. As a result, their Reels received many likes, and they got new followers on their pages.

3.Food recipes

Another entertaining Instagram Reel idea is to share your favorite food recipes. People enjoy these types of videos because they are simple and useful. Try teaching people how to make a yummy dessert in 15 seconds. Recently, a three-ingredient Oreo cake became popular and was tried by a large audience.

4.Educational content

Another powerful and resourceful idea is to use Instagram Reels to create educational content that will help your followers learn something new and useful. For example, you could make a Reel on any topic that will enable students prepare for exams or share some tried-and-true marketing tips. So, by posting such videos, you can increase page engagement while also educating and informing people about various topics.

5.Behind-the-scenes videos

Behind-the-scenes videos are ideal for growing your brand. They provide insights and help to humanize your brand. Your target audience can see the quirks and uniqueness that define your brand. The ideas are endless. Use seamless transitions to show the processes your brand undergoes. Consider Reel content that allows your audience to connect with you. That could be the way you create content or package your products.

6.A “Day in life” videos

Another fantastic Instagram Reels idea that works for everyone – from bloggers to business owners – is to show how your personal and professional lives intersect. Simply film various parts of your day, showing where you work, what you do, and when and how you rest.

7. Before and After

Before and after videos have always been popular among social media users, and they can generate many comments and direct messages. You can share before and after photos of your workspace when creating a product, product redesigns, your hairstyle before and after a daring experiment at the hairdressers, fitness transformations, to name a few ideas. Be innovative and implement fresh ideas.

Instagram Reels, in a nutshell, helps you grow on Instagram in a different way than posts and stories. People who are not following you will also see your Reels, expanding your visibility. So, if you consistently post on Reels, you will likely gain more followers and, as a result, customers.

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1. Although the content for Reels is unlimited, let's look at seven creative content ideas!

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