Klik Holdings 

Client Profile: 

Klik Holdings is a multifaceted conglomerate comprising several dynamic companies, each excelling in its niche market. The portfolio includes: 

The Challenge: 

As Klik Holdings has expanded, it became imperative to consolidate its various brands under a unified identity. The primary challenge was to integrate the diverse brand elements of Klik Solutions, Klik Support Ukraine, Klik Digital, and other Klik Holdings units. The goal was to rebuild the Klik Solutions brand book to represent the overarching Klik Holdings brand effectively. This required a cohesive strategy that respected the unique aspects of each entity while presenting a unified brand front. 

The Solution: 

Klik Digital took the lead in this ambitious project. The solution involved several critical steps: 

Comprehensive Brand Audit: 

Centralized Brand Requirements: 

Creative Integration Workshops: 

 Design and Development: 


The result was a comprehensive, well-structured brand book for Klik Holdings that encapsulates the unique identity of each subsidiary while presenting a cohesive and unified brand. Key outcomes included: 

Klik Digital’s innovative approach and meticulous execution were pivotal in achieving these outcomes, showcasing their expertise in digital transformation and brand strategy. The project not only reinforced Klik Holdings’ brand but also set a new standard for how integrated branding projects can be approached and executed.