What`s include in this package

  • Website Design Audit
  • Website Functionalities Audit
  • Website Performance Audit
  • Website Content Audit
  • Website Technical SEO Audit
What`s include in this package

Client testimonials

We were looking for a hosting company that could meet our growing business needs while also providing much-needed website scalability. We were lucky to come across Klik experts. We reached out to them for website creation but instead received a turnkey solution that included content creation, website hosting, SEO optimization, and full support. It's worth mentioning that the price was competitive, and initial setup was lightning fast. I can't stress enough how incredible their service is. Thank you, Klik! Amazing work.
Health Care Advisory Services
Over the years, we've tried a number of different hosting companies. Typically, after the first month, the truth about their services, hidden costs, limitations, and support, to name a few, begin to emerge. We decided to look for a tailored, customer-focused approach this time, and we discovered Klik. Everything worked out fine, and support was extremely responsive. Pricing is reasonable and affordable. We are completely satisfied.
Medical World Solutions
Klik created our website from the ground up, using WordPress. A significant part of the scope of work is WordPress website hosting and ongoing support. Klik's experts know what they're doing, so we can focus on our job and serve our customers, while rest assured that our resource won't experience any troubles.
Darby Law Group
This is considerably the best video product I have seen that I have been part of. I am floored at the production capabilities from you and your team. For someone like myself who is still learning to be comfortable in that environment, you made it look and sound incredible. Very grateful and want to know how I can help you all more in the name of reciprocity in moving forward. If this is indicative of your work as a standard across your offerings it is no wonder why Klik continues to grow.
Defiant Small Business Exclusive

services description

Website Design Audit

We analyze all the design elements of your website, including logos, button positioning, image sizes and formats, and content formatting to ensure design consistency and optimal display in all the major browsers. By doing this, we ensure that your website is designed to maximize user experience.

Website Functionalities Audit

We check your website’s key features, such as navigation, drop-down lists, FAQs, contact forms, and tab functionality. If even one of these features fails, it can negatively impact your customers’ user experience.

Website Performance Audit

The goal of a website performance audit is to find ways to speed up page loading time, such as examining your website for unnecessary CSS and JavaScript elements, optimizing images and media, etc.

Content Audit

To assist you in increasing your website traffic, we evaluate how well your website content performs in terms of SEO and traffic generation. We focus on content consistency, creative headlines, Google-friendly meta descriptions and URLs, spelling and grammar, fixing broken or expired links, removing duplicate content, and transforming your website into a source of useful information for your customers and prospects, rather than just a selling tool.

SEO Audit

An SEO audit is one of the core components of developing an implementation plan to improve performance. We examine the structure of your website, on-page SEO factors, user experience, and other factors that influence organic traffic growth.

Our services

Most businesses struggle with the concept of a clearly defined and strategic digital marketing strategy. This often leads to frustration and misuse of resources. Klik Digital works to understand your business needs and collaborates on a custom-tailored strategy aligned with your strategic goals. By adopting the latest techniques and innovations in digital marketing, we work together to allow your business to reach new heights.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing isn’t just about posting. For Klik Digital it is a way of speaking directly with your targeted customers.

Brand design

Every brand is unique and special. At Klik Digital, we help you create a logo, brand book, and guidelines that emphasize how unique and special you are!

Website development

Build your landing page, website or eCommerce website with our experienced WordPress team. You direct our team and timelines for the project. A structured process makes that pathway from start to finish easy!

Search engine optimization

You can rely on our personal experience to help you move to the top spot in online searches. Your website will have Google search updates, and you will use the best strategies to promote your business products and services.

Content marketing

Content is the most powerful tool you have. You will work with us to identify how to best present and distribute your content to all the right marketing channels!

Video production

With Klik Digital’s team of video marketing experts, you will get results and meet your video marketing goals! If you have an idea, we will help bring it to life. If you don’t, we will help create it!

Why should you choose $599 WordPress audit for your business?

Why should you choose Klik Digital as your digital ally when there are so many market players offering website audits?

  • We understand your customers’ needs.

The Klik Digital team possesses extensive expertise in digital marketing and is always on top of current trends that attract prospects and help convert them into regular, loyal customers.

  • We create WordPress websites and know the platform inside and out.

We have created numerous web resources of varying complexity using the WordPress platform, and our experts understand exactly how this platform works and where potential problems may arise.

  • We provide customized services and take responsibility for the final result.

When it comes to digital marketing, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. We will take time to learn about your business needs before developing an action plan.

Why should you choose $599 WordPress audit for your business?

frequently asked questions

In what format will the audit results be delivered?
You will get a PDF format, within the time agreed upon with your account manager.
How long does an audit take on average?
An average audit takes 3-5 days.
My WordPress website was developed by another vendor. Can I request your auditing service?
Yes! We provide audits of websites created on a WordPress platform by various development companies and vendors.
I've conducted the WordPress website audit and got results. What's next?
A website audit will provide you with a list of recommendations for further improvements to your website's usability and overall efficiency. You can consult with our specialists about implementing these recommendations or begin incorporating them with your in-house IT unit.