Law Firm Marketing Guide for 2022 To Grow Your Practice. Part 2.

Law Firm Marketing Guide for 2022 To Grow Your Practice. Part 2.

In our previous article we started to discuss some proven techniques of reaching out to your law firm prospects in the overwhelmed information field. We have some more marketing ideas to share to help you grow your law practice.

1. Use referral channels

Receiving leads from other lawyers practicing in the same niche is one of the main factors that contribute to quality cases. More than 30% of customers asked other lawyers and attorneys for recommendations. Most lawyers specialize in a small area of their practice or a particular branch thereof. Numerous opportunities for referrals from other lawyers exist. Just make sure the referrals are a two-way street.

2. Get Online Testimonials and Reviews

One of the most important aspects of marketing a law firm is establishing credibility and trust with potential clients. If you obtain your testimonials directly from your clients, you will be able to confidently sell your expertise to potential customers who visit your website. The Google Business listing for your law firm is the most important place to collect reviews because it carries the most weight and supports the ranking of your website as well as the appearance of your firm’s location in search results.

3. Consider email marketing

It is not a typical tool for law firms, but you can use its potential to your advantage. You can ensure that your articles have more visitors as soon as you publish them and continue to provide value to your clients by writing relevant blogs and sharing advice with existing or potential clients via email marketing. You could also try asking your social media followers to connect with you via email subscription to increase your connected readership.

4. Examine the SEO Performance of Your Website

Another simple but critical step is to assess your website’s SEO performance. You may never have a “perfect score,” but such analysis will provide recommendations that you can implement immediately to improve the search engine performance of your website. It will provide you with a general overview of what your website “looks like” to Google and other search engines, allowing you to ensure that it meets the preferred criteria to achieve the desired results. For this, you can use a variety of online tools, such as SEOPTimer.

5. Optimize your website for mobile users

With 95% of smartphone owners using their device to search for info, it’s important to optimize your web resource to mobile users. Make sure that they can get the information they require in a timely and efficient manner. Make use of call-to-action buttons, design a site that automatically resizes for all mobile devices, and make sure the page loads quickly.

6. Examine your website traffic using Google Analytics

Most webmasters and digital marketers prefer Google Analytics, but you may have another tool in mind to analyze your website’s traffic. Digging into your these metrics will help you identify trends such as peak visitor hours, viewing devices, actions, and behaviors, as well as where your traffic is coming from. Observing these trends will allow you to shift your focus from one aspect of your digital marketing strategy to another, such as increasing your Twitter outreach if there is a higher percentage of actions taken on links posted to that platform.

7. Conduct A/B Testing for paid advertising campaigns

Conducting A/B tests with your paid advertising campaigns is an important strategy for making the most of your digital marketing budget. You can learn which audience responds best to each advertisement by running the same ad for multiple audiences. You can also test different key messages on the same target audience to determine which one has the greatest impact on that group. Once you’ve found the best ad for your ideal target audience, you can invest more of your budget to creating new, more targeted content.

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