How to improve your e-commerce website

How to improve your e-commerce website

Because e-commerce is the future of shopping, optimizing your e-commerce website to increase sales can result in significant profits for your online business. Making a few minor changes to your current e-commerce site can significantly increase sales.

1. Mobile Responsive Web Design

Upgrading to a mobile responsive web design is the most impactful action you can take to improve your e-commerce sales. That means making your website looking just as good on a phone or tablet as it does on a computer. The mobile version of your site that looks and functions more like an app than a traditional website, makes it easier to use it on a smaller screen on your phone or tablet. Customers can and will use your mobile site from anywhere if it works well. That means you have a better chance of getting the conversion.

2. Pay attention to displaying your products

Displaying and sharing your products with customers is one of the most difficult aspects of e-commerce. A “real storefront” shopping experience has the advantage of allowing your customers to touch, sample, and try on the products. How do you replicate this experience for e-commerce sites? Use high-resolution, sharp photos and videos to demonstrate quality to your customers. Show various aspects of your product. Don’t just put up a photo of a t-shirt – show a video clip of someone wearing the shirt. Use your photos and videos to make potential customers see themselves using your product.

3. Update your website regularly

Websites are not one-time events; they must be updated on a regular basis to remain relevant. And those changes can have a significant impact on your sales. It’s not just about keeping your products, pricing, and company information up to date. It is primarily used to highlight new products, company news, and promotions. In most cases, especially for small businesses, this simply means updating your home page. Make sure your website design allows you to place important news or special deals front and centre, so they are the first thing visitors can see.

4. Keep it simple

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of creating your website – cool images, a great design, mobile responsiveness, and all the bells and whistles. But, in the end, this is just a store. You’re attempting to market a product or service. And it’s important not to lose sight of this as you work on the design. Bottom line, you must make it simple for customers to make a purchase. That means:

  • Having clear menu and intuitive navigation
  • Keeping the structure simple, so it only takes a couple of clicks to choose and buy the product
  • Search feature implementation, so your customers can find what they are looking for quick and easy.
  • An easy way to add and remove items from the shopping cart
  • Having various payment methods in place, including all major credit cards, PayPal, Google Wallet etc.
  • Configuring your website so that users can sign up with their email addresses or social media accounts. It means you can save their payment information so they can buy in the future with a single click. It also means you can send them email reminders, increasing their likelihood of completing the sale.

Final thoughts

E-commerce sales are the way of the future for online businesses. Consider your e-commerce website to be a virtual storefront in your mind. By making minor changes to your website, you can improve your customers’ sales experience and ensure that they have a positive shopping experience every time.

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