In today’s ever-changing digital world, understanding the latest trends is key to success. Klik Digital’s experts present a concise overview of the major digital marketing trends for 2024, spanning UX/UI design, graphic design, SEO, social media, video marketing, email marketing, and content creation. This article offers vital insights and practical advice for both experienced marketers and newcomers, making it a crucial resource for navigating the dynamic landscape of digital marketing.

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Trends in UX/UI Design Artem Kyslov, UX/UI Designer


  • 3D Design Trends: Expect the rise of 3D design elements in 2024. They add depth and interactivity to digital interfaces. Combining 3D with minimalist principles yields visually stunning, user-friendly designs, offering engaging interactions without clutter.


  • AI in UI/UX: AI remains pivotal in UI/UX design in 2024. AI tools analyze user data for data-driven designs. Think personalized content recommendations and predictive interfaces, enhancing user-centric design.


  • Dark Mode Popularity: Dark mode continues to thrive in 2024, known for its eye comfort and battery-saving benefits. It’s not just for mobile apps; websites and desktop apps embrace it too. It’s a must-have for accessibility and user preference.

Dark Mode on OLED Android Smartphones Doesn't Save a Lot of Battery As Marketing Materials Will Tell You: Research - MySmartPrice

  • Accessibility Focus: In 2024, designers prioritize accessibility. UI/UX must cater to all, including users with disabilities. Features like screen readers, keyboard navigation, and high-contrast modes ensure inclusivity in design.

These trends in UX/UI design emphasize the rise of immersive 3D elements, AI-driven personalized designs, the growing popularity of dark mode for comfort and efficiency, and a strong focus on accessibility to cater to all users.

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Graphic Design Trends Mirsadik Razulade, Graphic Designer


  • AI-Enhanced Creativity: Craft unique and distinctive designs that set you apart from the competition using the power of AI. AI-driven design tools can help you create visuals that captivate your audience.
  • 3D Elements Elevate: Embrace 3D elements in your design, a sentiment echoed by both of our designers, Mirsadik and Artem. Incorporating 3D elements adds depth and interactivity to your content, enhancing its visual appeal.
  • Nostalgic 90s Vibe: Infuse a touch of nostalgia into your posts by incorporating quirky and unconventional designs reminiscent of the 90s. This playful approach can create a unique atmosphere that resonates with your audience.

Retro Vibes Art 70s 90s on Behance

The graphic design trends focus on leveraging AI for creative and distinctive visuals, incorporating depth-enhancing 3D elements, and embracing a nostalgic 90s vibe to create engaging and uniquely atmospheric content.

SEO Trends for Higher Ranking – Mariam Asatryan, SEO Specialist


  • Zero-Position Searches: Zero-click searches, where users get answers without visiting sites, are an important SEO trend. Embrace featured snippets by creating content that answers FAQs, uses question words, structures info naturally, includes images, and uses schema markup.
  • Topical Authority and E-E-A-T: Google adds “Experience” (E) to E-A-T, highlighting real-world experience. Build topical authority by using topic clusters, creating a comprehensive pillar piece, and crafting subtopics linked internally. Prioritize trust with high-quality content.
  • Focus on Topical Authority (Again): SEO now emphasizes becoming a go-to source in a specific niche. Demonstrate expertise by comprehensively covering all facets of your subject matter. Search engines favor authoritative content based on E-E-A-T criteria.

Building Topical Authority - Why You Need to Do It

  • Refreshing Content: Combat competition and content velocity by regularly refreshing and updating content. Focus on aligning with user intent, following SEO best practices, and competing effectively with newer material on the same topic.
  • Mobile-Friendly SEO: With the surge in mobile users, mobile-friendly SEO is crucial. Ensure your site is responsive and optimized for mobile users. It’s no longer a trend but a necessity, impacting rankings and user experience.
  • Thriving Video Marketing: Videos add context and engagement to content. They improve rankings, keep users longer, and attract backlinks. Incorporating engaging videos into your SEO strategy enhances the user experience and website authority.
  • Voice Search Matters: Voice search is on the rise. Optimize by using natural language, providing concise answers, focusing on local SEO, and aiming for featured snippets. This optimization boosts rankings and enhances user experience.

The key SEO trends for 2024 focus on optimizing for direct answers in search results, establishing authoritative and experience-based content, refreshing existing material, enhancing mobile and voice search compatibility, and integrating video content to improve user engagement and search rankings.

Social Media Marketing Musts – Alina Aleksandrova, Social Media Marketing Manager


  • Consistent Posting Schedule: Stick to a regular posting schedule by sharing your reels 4-5 times a week. Consistency keeps your audience engaged and eagerly anticipating your videos.
  • Harness AI Everywhere: Infuse AI into your marketing efforts by incorporating it into both design and content creation. Additionally, consider AI-related topics in your content to stay relevant and appeal to tech-savvy audiences.
  • Explore Multiple Platforms: Broaden your social media horizons by diversifying across different platforms. Engage with audiences on various channels to discover potential clients and untapped markets.
  • Prioritize User-Generated Content (UGC): UGC is a goldmine for engagement. Encourage your audience to contribute content, and always strive to create content that captivates and hooks your viewers.

What is a UGC Creator on Instagram and TikTok? The 2023 Guide | Vista Social

  • Showcase Client Transformations: Share your clients’ success stories and transformations. This builds trust and credibility, demonstrating the real-world impact of your products or services.
  • Leverage Personal Branding: Leverage your brand to boost engagement for your business. Authenticity and a strong personal brand can forge deeper connections with your audience.


  • Video Content Reigns: Video remains the supreme choice for social media promotion. It captures attention like no other medium. Use it to tell your brand story, educate, and engage your audience.
  • Experiment with Multiple Platforms: Try your campaigns using different social media platforms like LinkedIn, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. Analyze performance data to discover which works best for your marketing goals.
  • Creativity Is Still Key!: Your creativity and layouts are your secret weapons. Craft visually stunning and compelling content that hooks your audience instantly. Stand out in the digital crowd with innovative design.

Overall, these concepts highlight the dynamic and evolving nature of social media marketing, where adaptability, technological advancement, and audience-centric strategies are key to effectiveness and impact.

Trends for Strategic Marketing – Volodymyr Solomienko, Social Media Marketing Manager


  • Attention to ABM (Account-Based Marketing): ABM focuses on targeting specific high-value accounts rather than a broad audience. It involves creating personalized marketing campaigns tailored to the needs and interests of each account, aiming to foster deeper engagement and higher conversion rates.


  • Sales and Marketing Alignment: This trend emphasizes the importance of syncing sales and marketing efforts to ensure a unified approach. By sharing insights, strategies, and goals, both departments can work more efficiently, leading to improved lead generation, customer retention, and revenue growth.


Together, these trends highlight a shift towards more strategic, targeted, and collaborative approaches in modern marketing, aiming to maximize efficiency and effectiveness in customer engagement and business growth.


What’s Hot in Video Marketing – Zoe Konstantoulas, Social Media Associate


  • Interactive Videos: These videos engage viewers by allowing them to actively participate in the content, such as through clickable elements, polls, and quizzes. This leads to a more engaging and personalized experience.

5 Ways to Use Interactive Video (With Examples) | Wyzowl

  • Personalized Video Content: Video content is increasingly being tailored to individual viewer preferences and behaviors. This personalization leads to higher engagement and conversion rates, as the content feels more relevant to the viewer.
  • Utilization of Advanced Technologies: Technologies like AI, AR, VR, and CGI are being integrated into video content creation. AI enhances efficiency in production, while AR and VR offer immersive experiences, and CGI adds visually engaging elements. These technologies are transforming traditional video content into more engaging and interactive experiences.

In 2024, look for video content to focus on enhancing viewer engagement through interactive formats, personalized experiences, and the innovative use of advanced technologies like AI and AR/VR.

Emailing Excellence Trends for 2024 – Julia Casey, Social Media Marketing Manager


  • Advanced AI Integration: Email marketing continues to expand on the use of AI for content creation, personalization, and optimization. Tools like ChatGPT for copywriting and DALL-E for image creation are becoming standard for crafting engaging and relevant email content.
  • Customer-Centric Communications: The focus is shifting toward understanding and addressing customer needs and preferences. Enhanced personalization and segmentation are key, aiming to align email content more closely with the interests and requirements of the audience.

What Is Email Authentication? Why Email Authentication Is Important? How Does Email Authentication Work? - The Sec Master

  • Stringent Email Authentication and Data Management: There’s a growing emphasis on email security and privacy compliance. The adoption of authentication protocols like DKIM, SPF, and DMARC is increasing. Additionally, stricter data management practices are crucial in response to global data protection regulations, emphasizing ethical user data capture and consent

These trends reflect a move towards more sophisticated, user-friendly, and secure email marketing practices.

Content Considerations for 2024 – Liz Haslup, Content Writer


  • Harness Your Data for Clarity: Amid the content clutter, data is your compass. Analyze performance on your posts to understand what resonates with your audience. Clear the clutter and center your efforts on engaging content.
  • Content Aligned with Goals: Your content should align with your objectives and marketing campaigns. Keep your content strategy purpose-driven, ensuring it propels you closer to your goals and helps you achieve quality over quantity.

14 Content Marketing Trends and Strategies in 2022 - DemandGen

  • Stay Agile with Reactive Content: In the fast-paced social media realm, agility is key. Swift responses to trends and events not only boost engagement but also ensure your brand remains relevant. Stay nimble with reactive content strategies.
  • AI Continues to Trend: AI continues to show up all around the marketing sphere, from design to video, from content production to automation. AI can help automate content generation, allowing for the creation of personalized and relevant content at scale. Combined with the touch of a human writer, it is a match made in marketing heaven.

The essence of these texts is that successful content creation in social media marketing should be data-informed, strategically aligned with objectives, adaptable to trends, and enhanced by AI for greater personalization and impact.

Additional Trends to Watch – Vita Cherpak, Director of Marketing


  • Early Platform Adoption: Be an early adopter of new social media platforms. Embracing emerging platforms can give your brand a competitive edge and access untapped audiences.
  • Metaverse Marketing; Brace yourself for the metaverse revolution, expected to reshape digital marketing in 2024. Exploring metaverse opportunities early on can position your brand as an industry leader.

Metaverse Primer For Marketers: How We Got Here & Where We Go Next

  • Social Commerce Savvy: Leverage social commerce by selling directly on social media platforms. Seamlessly integrating your products or services into the user experience can drive conversions and boost sales.
  • Programmatic Advertising Embrace programmatic advertising to streamline your ad campaigns. This data-driven approach automates ad buying, optimizing targeting and efficiency.
  • GDPR and Data Compliance: Ensure your marketing practices align with data protection regulations like GDPR. Safeguarding user data and respecting privacy is not just a legal requirement but also an essential trust-building measure. Stay compliant and prioritize data ethics in your marketing strategies.

As we draw this exploration of digital marketing trends for 2024 to a close, it’s evident that the future of marketing is dynamic, with a strong emphasis on AI integration, user experience, and data-driven strategies.

Klik Digital’s experts have underscored the importance of adapting to technological advancements, prioritizing user engagement, and staying compliant with data protection regulations.  Reach out to discuss how our subject matter experts can help you get the results you want with your digital marketing efforts!

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