Our client is a motivational coach who works with mid-level and higher business leaders in a variety of business sectors. She approached us to help to promote and protect the video series while ensuring a seamless user experience. 


The key objectives included:  

  •  promoting and posting the video series in a user-friendly format 
  • safeguarding video security
  • creating landing pages consistent with existing branding 
  •  and implementing a secure payment system.



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To address the client’s requirements, we devised a comprehensive strategy that encompassed the following steps: 

Video Hosting and Distribution Platform: We built a landing page for secure hosting of client’s video series. This included advanced encryption and access controls to protect the videos from unauthorized access. To maintain consistency with the client’s existing branding, we designed visually appealing landing pages that aligned with the style and theme of the client’s website. These landing pages showcased the video series, providing an enticing preview and encouraging users to sign up. 

Access Control and Authentication: To prevent unauthorized access, we implemented a robust authentication system. Users were required to create individual accounts, providing them with unique login credentials. This ensured that only authorized users could access the video series. 

Secure Video Streaming: To enhance video security, we leveraged digital rights management (DRM) technologies. This enabled us to encrypt the video content and implement restrictions such as limited playback options and disabling video downloads. 

Secure Payment System: To facilitate secure transactions, we integrated a reputable payment gateway that supported industry-standard encryption protocols. This ensured that users’ payment information remained confidential and protected from potential breaches. 


The implementation of the strategy yielded the following results: 

With the improved security measures in place, the client was confident in promoting the video series and the accessibility to her clients.  

The adopted video hosting and distribution platform, combined with DRM technologies, effectively safeguarded the video series from unauthorized access and piracy attempts. The encryption and access controls provided peace of mind to the client, ensuring that her intellectual property remained protected. 

The implementation of a user-friendly authentication system and intuitive user interface resulted in a seamless experience for clients accessing the video series. Users could easily navigate the landing pages, create accounts, and access the videos without any technical or usability issues. 

The integration of a secure payment gateway instilled confidence in users, leading to increased conversion rates. Clients felt reassured that their payment information was handled with utmost security, enhancing the overall trust and credibility of the coaching services. 


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We were looking for a hosting company that could meet our growing business needs while also providing much-needed website scalability. We were lucky to come across Klik experts. We reached out to them for website creation but instead received a turnkey solution that included content creation, website hosting, SEO optimization, and full support. It's worth mentioning that the price was competitive, and initial setup was lightning fast. I can't stress enough how incredible their service is. Thank you, Klik! Amazing work.
Health Care Advisory Services
Over the years, we've tried a number of different hosting companies. Typically, after the first month, the truth about their services, hidden costs, limitations, and support, to name a few, begin to emerge. We decided to look for a tailored, customer-focused approach this time, and we discovered Klik. Everything worked out fine, and support was extremely responsive. Pricing is reasonable and affordable. We are completely satisfied.
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Klik created our website from the ground up, using WordPress. A significant part of the scope of work is WordPress website hosting and ongoing support. Klik's experts know what they're doing, so we can focus on our job and serve our customers, while rest assured that our resource won't experience any troubles.
Darby Law Group
This is considerably the best video product I have seen that I have been part of. I am floored at the production capabilities from you and your team. For someone like myself who is still learning to be comfortable in that environment, you made it look and sound incredible. Very grateful and want to know how I can help you all more in the name of reciprocity in moving forward. If this is indicative of your work as a standard across your offerings it is no wonder why Klik continues to grow.
Defiant Small Business Exclusive

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