Medical World Solutions, it support for Healthcare companies

Medical World Solutions

Medical World Solutions is a fast-growing healthcare-focused start-up that reached out to Klik Solutions to request a landing page that would adequately present their services to potential customers and also have the potential for further scalability in the future as the business grows and changes. 

Client profile

Medical World Solutions is a Maryland-based healthcare start-up that offers services in medical coding, audit assessments, and education; financial and billing review, financial analysis and recommendations; credentialing; marketing and sales; new practice start-up guidance; office/department workflow improvement; and practice growth.


Klik Solutions had to create a simple landing page for a new start-up organization that could grow and expand into a fully functional website as services grow and expand with the company. Scalability was a critical aspect of this project, as was functionality and ease-of-use.


Klik Solutions chose the WordPress platform for Medical World Solutions’ website due to its low cost, strong cyber security, and ease of scalability. Klik services also included content creation, regular updates, website hosting, and comprehensive support.