Medical World Solutions is a fast-growing healthcare-focused startup that reached out to Klik Digital for help with their website. They requested the development of a landing page that would adequately present its services to potential customers. They also wanted the potential for further scalability in the future as the business grows and changes. They wanted it to speak to their industry with appropriate visuals, while keeping it streamlined and simple.


Medical World Solutions healthcare consulting firm with over 30 years of experience in the healthcare field. Their mission is to make practicing medicine enjoyable for medical providers again. They specialize in strategic practice growth, workflow optimization, marketing, revenue cycle management, payer contract negotiations, credentialing, workflow optimization, and other consulting services. Everything they do is geared toward guiding medical providers in establishing and maintaining a successful practice while offering the best patient care.

Klik Digital was asked to create a simple landing page for a new start-up organization that could grow and expand into a fully functional website as services grow and expand with the company. Scalability was a critical aspect of this project, as were functionality and ease of use.


Klik Digital chose the WordPress platform for Medical World Solutions’ website due to its low cost, strong cybersecurity, and ease of scalability. Klik services also included content creation, regular updates, website hosting, and comprehensive support. We also have a team of WordPress specialists that know the platform well so it is a perfect choice for this type of website development.


The initial landing page was created with a design aesthetic that the client was pleased with. The website was designed for online and mobile platforms and all functions and services requested were delivered within the timelines set up in consultation. All pages were tested and found to be fully functional. As they scaled their website to include additional layers and functions, Klik worked closely with the team to make the changes, checking to ensure functionality and visual appeal.

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