8 Ways to Improve Your Company’s Effectiveness on LinkedIn

8 Ways to Improve Your Company’s Effectiveness on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world. The resource is a great fit for businesses, not only to promote themselves but to establish connections and build relationships.

Learn how to improve the effectiveness of your company’s LinkedIn page with these eight simple and useful tips.

  • Pay attention to the page design

Visuals are everything on social media. If you can’t get your audience attention, they won’t bother reading the content. Short, engaging videos are effective, while strong, distinctive images can reinforce the message you are trying to communicate. Make sure the photos you choose are appropriate for your company and brand. Also, ensure that your visuals are formatted correctly.

  • Assign more page managers

LinkedIn is all about networking and making connections, so broaden your team and ask them to invite their contacts to become followers of your company’s page. Running your company’s social media accounts requires a significant amount of time and resources. Task delegation reduces workload while allowing others to contribute fresh perspectives on company news. LinkedIn offers a variety of admin roles and permissions to provide your team members with the access they require.

  • Create design templates using in profile headers

Create a branded template for your employees to use on their profile pages if you want to get your company page noticed. Such templates can pique the interest of new job seekers. You can also create an employee spotlight template to highlight your current employees and allow them to share their firsthand experiences with your company.

  • Review and optimize key stakeholder profiles

Engagement with stakeholders should be a key component of your company’s social media strategy. They contribute to the company’s and your brand’s influence, support, and overall buy-in. External stakeholders such as a board of directors, partners, and customers, as well as internal stakeholders such as investors and employees, can be included. Optimize their profiles by ensuring that the information they are sharing is relevant to your company’s objectives.

  • Encourage your employees to share and comment on brand content

Testimonials are one of the most powerful sales tools in your arsenal. Share your customer’s positive feedback on social media and leave a comment on their initial post. Testimonials are frequently the deciding factor for customers to purchase your product or service. Requesting that your team members share and comment on brand posts broadens your reach and demonstrates that they are proud of their company and believe in the brand.

  • Don’t forget about editorial content

You should be paying due attention to creating consistent editorial content additionally to company updates, events, and brand news. This content is aimed to inform, educate, or entertain and should provide value to readers rather than focus on selling products or services. You can use LinkedIn’s Content Suggestion Tool, which allows administrators to find and share content that community members are currently interested in.

  • Tag brands and people to increase engagement

LinkedIn is an excellent platform for recognizing and congratulating employees who have made significant contributions to your company. This usually results in a cascade of likes, shares, and comments. These same brands will thank you for recognizing their efforts and reciprocate the gesture by tagging you in their posts.

  • Follow the 4-1-1 rule for posting industry article

Posting industry articles that are relevant to your business helps to start a conversation. If you are not sure how many articles to post, follow the 4-1-1 rule, which states that for every piece of content about your company you share, you should share four from another source, preferably content written by people outside your company.

If you would like to implement a strategic approach to social media, get in touch with our team of experts for professional assistance in creating high-quality engaging content.

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