25 Ways To Generate Content Ideas For Higher Rankings On Google

25 Ways To Generate Content Ideas For Higher Rankings On Google

It is difficult to come up with creative content ideas on a regular basis, but it is necessary for traffic growth and Google rankings. A frequently updated website, increasing traffic, longer session durations, and higher click-through rates (CTR) are some of the factors Google considers when determining whether your website is a good resource for your target audience. This is why social media content is important. It has the ability to draw people to your website and keep them there. However, creating new content takes time, and your company may find itself with a total lack of new content ideas.

Continue reading to learn about the most effective tips, tools, and tactics for generating content ideas for all of your channels.

1. Look For Ideas Within Your Business

  • Organize Brainstorming Sessions and write down any ideas.
  • Research your audience and address your audience’s needs. Make sure that your content is relevant, useful and informative.
  • Optimize existing articles to update and refresh them. Consider republishing an old content in a new format.
  • Tell your personal story reflecting on your experiences, mistakes, doubts, realizations and successes.
  • Outline some of the issues and problems your business might be facing or faced in the past.

2. Find Article Ideas Using Forums And Sourcing Platforms.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel when creating your content. There are online platforms and tools that can source and generate content strategies, topic titles, body text and everything else.

  • BuzzSumo is a great resource for generating content ideas that allow you to find the most shared content by keywords.
  • Reddit is one of the busiest online communities with virtually any topic covered in depth.
  • Quora is a fantastic source for finding hot topics for one reason: it’s a platform for people asking questions.
  • Create The Perfect Title With Portent, resource that allows you to enter a topic that you may be prepared to write for – but lack the punchy and effective title for.

3. Generate New SEO Content Ideas With Keyword Research Tools.

  • Search Engine Optimization tools are essentially a portal into popular topics and content. They will give you real-time analytics and statistics on the popularity of a specific long-tail keyword or even a question.
  • Find Keyword Ideas With Ahrefs
  • Use SEMrush, a fantastic tool for organic keyword research.
  • Find Out What Your Competition Uses With LSI Graph
  • Find The Questions Your Audience Asks With Answer The Public

4. Use Google For Content Inspiration.

It may seem obvious, but it’s strange how easy it is to overlook Google as a source of incredibly useful and profitable content ideas.

  • Enter the root of your keyword in Google’s search bar and watch it generate several variations and topic ideas.
  • Use Google Trends to “explore what the world is searching”.
  • Think With Google gives insights into case studies of successful content creators, trends in content research, advertising channels and tools. But most importantly, it’s a treasury of the most cutting-edge, current hot topics.
  • Related Searches is a highly recommended tool for finding new content ideas. It shows specific phrases people are searching for that you can use for blog post titles.

5. Browse Social Media To Find Article Topics.

Explore Trends And Opinions On Facebook. A very useful tactic to go about this in-depth is the section Pages to Watch, found under your personal Facebook page’s Insights tab. This compares the performance of your page to those that are similar to you in category and topic.

  • Let YouTube Guide Your Content Ideas
  • Quite frequently you might notice a valuable insight or a blog post idea in the comments on a particular video.
  • Invest time to participate in discussions and truly connect with your followers. That way, you can find invaluable insights for future blog posts based on their burning questions, struggles and needs.
  • Use polls, surveys and other means of interaction to get to the bottom of your followers’ opinions, wishes and desires.
  • Explore New Topics With Podcasts.

6. Consider thinking outside the box! To generate valuable new content ideas, a fresh new perspective on the problem at hand is sometimes required.

7. Create topics in bulk. Writing content ideas topics in batches is a technique that is frequently recommended by content professionals in any given industry.

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